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  1. Load and make ready at RO command on the firing line. (Magazines may be loaded anywhere or any time, but not inserted into your firearm until RO command on the firing line.
  2. Shoot all static targets 2 times each. No penalty for extra shots; either hits or misses.
  3. Shoot all knock downs, or knock outs, until down.
  4. You must engage at least one target from each designated opening ie: (Windows, Doors, shoot- through or shoot-over props).
  5. Last round of the stage will be shot on a brightly colored or otherwise designated, stop plate. This target only has to be shot once but must be shot from designated last round position (LRP) to stop the time.
  6. Each stage will have at least one mandatory reload. Load at will to complete the course.
  7. Before leaving the last shooting position of a stage, when done with the course of fire, safely unload your firearm and show a clear chamber to the RO, then point your firearm down range and drop the hammer. Then the RO will replace your chamber flag.
  8. Don’t crowd the targets; you may not shoot any target that is within 25ft of your shooting position.



  • Eye and Ear protection will be used for the entire match for all competitors and spectators.
  • Finger must be outside of the trigger guard when moving and, or, reloading, unless you are actively firing the gun. ie: ( Finger off the trigger unless your sights are on the target and you have made the decision to fire.) When your sights come off the target, your finger comes off the trigger.
  • Firearms will be stored pointed in a safe direction, bolt closed on a chamber flag, with no ammunition on or in the firearm.
  • Carbines must be in standard pistol caliber, 9mm, 40cal, 45acp.
  • The 170° rule means the muzzle of a firearm must always be straight down range (+/– 85° in any direction). Muzzle direction and muzzle control is important between, before, during, and after shooting a stage.

General   Rules of handling a firearm:

  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded!
  • Never let the muzzle of your gun cover anything that you are not willing to destroy!
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until the sights are on the target, and you have made the decision to fire!
  • Know your target, and what is in front of and beyond it!







Pro-Steel- PCC

Scoring: Total Time match

5 Second Penalty:

  • Each miss on static target
  • Any knockdown left up

10 Second Penalty:

Note; you can only be charged 1 procedural per stage.

  • Shooting any no shoot target (Black Target)
  • Failing to engage a target from all designated openings or positions ie: (windows, Doors, shoot through props, shoot-over props like designated tables.)
  • Failing to make mandatory magazine changes
  • Shooting any target within 25ft of your shooting position

Stage DQ:

  • Breaking the 170 rule with an unloaded gun
  • Failing to show firearm clear, drop the hammer on an empty chamber, or not flagging your firearm before leaving the firing line. Be sure to keep your firearm pointed down range while clearing.
  • Manipulating any part of the fire control system of any gun behind the firing line.
  • Not having a chamber flag properly inserted in your firearm.
  • Any fired round that hits any part of a permanent building or structure more than 10ft away from the shooter.


Match DQ:

Note; If you receive a match DQ, you will take all of your shooting equipment and put it away in your vehicle. You are welcome to stay and help, but you will not touch any firearms for the rest of the match.

  • Any round fired over any berm
  • Any round fired behind the firing line
  • Breaking the 170 with a loaded gun
  • Loading any firearm behind the firing line
  • Any fired round that hits any part of a permanent building or structure or the ground within 10ft of the shooter.
  • Any interpersonal conflict that disrupts a stage or a match. Or overtly rude behavior.


We start every match STANDING for the Pledge and a Prayer!! HAVE FUN!!!